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Fire equipment for the fire extinguisher works
Time:2014/4/7 16:33:13 Hits:2880
Dry powder fire extinguisher principle
The filling is dry powder fire extinguisher extinguishing agent . A dry powder fire extinguishing agent , and easy-flowing fine powders for fire fighting by a fire extinguishing efficiency with small amounts of inorganic additives and dried, pulverized , the fine powder mixed composition .
Wind extinguisher third condition is eliminated temperature , the flame goes out. Fire extinguishers will air a large share of wind speed blowing the flame , so that the surface temperature of the combustion decreased rapidly when the temperature is below ignition , combustion stops. This is the principle of wind extinguishers .
Wind extinguisher structure is very simple , an electric motor , fan , duct , battery.
The principle of foam fire extinguisher
Al2 (SO4) 3 +6 NaHCO3 == 3Na2SO4 +2 Al (OH) 3 ↓ +6 CO2 ↑
Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers principle
Carbon dioxide has a high density of about 1.5 times that of air . At atmospheric pressure , liquid carbon dioxide is immediately vaporized liquid carbon dioxide can generally produce 1kg of about 0.5 cubic meters of gas . Thus, when fire, air and carbon dioxide gas can be ruled surrounded by burning objects distributed over the surface or in a confined space , reducing the oxygen concentration in the surrounding combustible materials or protective space , resulting in a stifling effect and fire. Further , carbon dioxide discharged from the storage container, the liquid will rapidly vaporized into gas , which attract some of the heat from the surroundings , serves cooled .
Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is mainly used for fighting valuable equipment , archives , instruments , electrical equipment 600 volts and oils beginning of the fire .
Fire extinguishers principle of water
Water extinguisher in extinguishing agent is water. Water has a low viscosity at room temperature , high thermal stability , greater density and high surface tension , the use of a wide range of old and natural fire extinguishing agent, easy access and storage. It is mainly depend * stifling effect of cooling and put out the fire . Because each kg of water is heated from room temperature to the boiling point and fully evaporates , absorbing the heat 2593.4KJ . Therefore , it uses its own ability to absorb sensible heat and latent heat of fire-fighting role to play cool , other extinguishing agent is unmatched . Furthermore, the vaporized water is formed in the vapor is an inert gas , and about 1700 times the volume of the expansion . When fire, water vapor generated by the vapor space occupied by the combustion zone to dilute the oxygen content of the surrounding combustion impede fresh air into the combustion zone , the oxygen concentration in the combustion zone is greatly reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of fire asphyxia . When the water was spray mist, water droplets and droplet formation of the specific surface area will greatly increase and enhance the heat exchange between water and fire , thus reinforcing its role in cooling and suffocation . In addition, some water- soluble combustible , flammable liquids can be played dilution ; mist using a strong jet can generate combustible , flammable liquid emulsifying effect , the surface of the liquid is rapidly cooled , and the combustible vapor generation rate decrease to achieve the purpose of fighting .
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