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Fire Equipment Category
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Fire class
1 , fire extinguisher includes : carbon dioxide fire extinguisher , 1211 fire extinguishers, dry powder fire extinguishers, foam fire extinguisher acid reduction , carbon tetrachloride fire extinguisher , fire extinguisher hanging tools, mechanical foam fire extinguisher , water type fire extinguishers, other fire fighting equipment and so on.

Common Fire Equipment

2 , including fire hydrant hydrant system and outdoor fire hydrant system . Hydrant system including fire hydrant , hose, gun . Outdoor fire hydrant includes two categories above and below ground , outdoor fire hydrant fire facilities used in large-scale petrochemical more extensive , due to the installation conditions in areas using different venues , subject to different restrictions , petrochemical fire water system has been adopted most stable high-pressure water system , fire hydrant also gradually transformed from the ordinary type of adjustable model fire hydrant .
3 , rescue tools, including fire ax , cutting tools. As for the rest , all belong to a fire protection system , such as automatic fire alarm system, automatic sprinkler system , smoke control systems, fire separation systems, fire radio system, gas fire extinguishing system, emergency evacuation systems.
Fire extinguisher is a portable fire extinguisher by a human movement , it can in its internal pressure , the filling of the spray fire extinguishing agent , used to fighting fires. Fire extinguishers in range of its application are different , only the correct choice of the type of fire extinguisher types , in order to effectively fighting different types of fires, to achieve the desired results. China's current national standard will fire extinguisher push the car into a portable fire extinguisher and fire extinguishers. Here we often see people come into contact with portable fire extinguishers and classification , application and use has been made a brief introduction.

Alarm class

1 , fire detectors fire detectors specifically including heat detectors , smoke detectors , hybrid sense smoke detectors, fire UV flame detectors, combustible gas fire detectors, fire detectors infrared shooting .
2 , alarm button
Including manual fire alarm button alarm button , fire hydrant button.
3 , the alarm
Including fire alarm sound alarm, light the fire alarm, fire alarm sound and light .
4, the fire alarm control
Fire alarm controller includes alarm host , CRT monitors, direct control panel , the bus system operating panel , power plate, fire telephone switchboard , fire emergency broadcasting system .
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