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2009 Frankfurt security products and fire equipment exhibition
Time:2014/4/9 10:30:46 Hits:2801
To further consolidate and expand the channels of trade in the Middle East , to promote security, for Asian and European countries , especially the export of Chinese labor insurance products in the Middle East , our company will continue to organize domestic enterprises participate in the 2009 January 18 to January 20 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates organized security products and fire equipment exhibition.
    United Arab Emirates is located in Asia, Europe and Africa at the junction, is a commercial radiation strong country and its radiating to the Middle East , Africa, southern Europe and Xi Yada over 30 countries , Dubai is the UAE 's seven emirates First, as in the Middle East financial, trade and commercial center and the world-famous East-West trade hub , Dubai has a modern international airport and commercial port , is the Middle East's largest commercial container warehouse distribution center , a economic policy of transparency, openness , and its long-term market prosperous and stable development ; monetary stability , and the U.S. dollar exchange rate remained almost unchanged since its founding ; low tariffs , tariff-free re-export ; import and export of goods not implement quotas ; establishment of local processing plants or products reached 30% in the country, You can get a certificate of origin in the country , there are many Chinese companies to set up factories or offices in the UAE.
    Middle East construction industry has developed rapidly , the demand value of 19% of local GDP ( $ 26.073 billion ) , the demand for other fire and safety products supporting the development of the construction industry and with the rapid growth . Government attaches great importance to national security and self-defense , strong focus and commitment of the security industry . According to estimates of the exhibition organizers , the Gulf States (GCC) for non-military security and fire systems market , approximately $ 1.35 billion per year , most of the Gulf countries for government agencies for strengthening and development aspects of the security system . Hospitals, hotels , shopping centers , factories and business center for the upgrade to enhance safety and fire safety systems , making such demand for products increases, it is estimated that the annual market growth rate of about 10%.
    2008 Frankfurt ( Dubai ) security products and fire equipment exhibition held successfully , the exhibition is divided into three main product area: security products exhibition, fire control products exhibition, police equipment products exhibition. Net exhibition area of 31,068 square meters this year , 630 companies from around the world a total of 1,600 international brands participated in the exhibition , the number of visitors reached 16,341 people, mainly from the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf states , Iran, Russia, India and the Middle East and African countries. 2009 Frankfurt ( Middle East ) security products and fire equipment exhibition is one of the key projects of our overseas security exhibition , hope your organization can attach great importance to select outstanding business people to bring high-tech , high value-added, quality products exhibiting superior .
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