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Winter fire equipment maintenance knowledge
Time:2014/4/7 16:40:27 Hits:2766
Cold winter for many of the normal use of fire equipment inconvenience , but winter is a fire -prone season. Fire and rescue task is arduous , it is necessary to strengthen the fire equipment maintenance . So as to ensure the smooth progress of the winter fire fighting tasks.
   Fire engines to thoroughly inspect fire vehicles, vehicle equipment and hoses of various equipment parts you want to use cold oil . And strengthen maintenance to ensure a ready . To timely replacement of the crankcase , gearbox and differential lubricant inside . So that the viscosity becomes relatively thin, easy to start the vehicle , the start and acceleration . To adjust the carburetor main jet needle and adjust accelerator pump piston stroke . Relative to the amount of oil to increase its work. To properly increase the proportion of electro-hydraulic accumulator to ensure their adequate power .
   Rain and snow . Try not to fire engines parked outside , and the garage should set a good heat preservation facilities , and keep 5 ~ C above the temperature of the engine with additional insulation installed devices. Engine cooling water tanks and water storage tanks ring freezing measures to be taken , add antifreeze. Indeed Gang conditions, can not be set insulation facilities should take other remedial measures. As the tanks and the addition of antifreeze jugs , or tank , the water tank is drained , garage overnight stop people during the day and then promptly filled with water . Put on duty . You can also use an electric heater on the engine , or in the cold front hood cover ( sets ) , vehicle backwater system or cold water pipes should also take measures to prevent freezing of failure. In addition , the daily morning and evening you want to launch a vehicle , the vehicle at all times to ensure normal startup .
   In winter, the inlet and outlet valves fire duty vehicles to shut tightly to prevent water flowing out of jug . The vehicle in a way to save it difficult to open the cold water inlet and outlet boring cover after freezing . Every time save rejoin, should pay close attention to improve routine maintenance . To make the vehicle to maintain a good state of readiness . In addition to routine maintenance of the vehicle for supplementary fuel clean surface. To save the process and remove the problems , add oil to the fire pump . Exhausted and more than water pump coupling pipes inside to prevent freezing , freeze to death or broke pump leaves. If the valve between the tank and the pump shut lax , should pay close attention to the replacement ring or ball . Snow days , to advance the tire chains installed .
   Fire pump motor when the temperature dropped below zero , it should be moved to a warm room . To motorized pump usually placed in a clean, dry place. Insulation and take measures to avoid electrical parts from moisture and parts rust. After use, the elimination of external and cylinder fins and sediment fouling asked to check whether the message complete zero . Kim is part of a series of tight check with . Found problems promptly repaired , usually specified period of time to narrow machine running without load , the best regular exercise operations to ensure that motor pumps are often in a good state of combat readiness .
   Water management in the winter , to areas of responsibility to check all fire water , maintenance , and take the necessary measures = after cold snow , to launch ten groups , sweeping the snow leading to the passage of water and water around them. Ensure that the fire water supply when firefighters extinguishing .
   Fire water tanks , ponds in winter , the pool of fire tank can add the right amount of salt to prevent freezing . Fire tank applications straw, wrapped in cotton wool and other insulation materials ( wrapped ) up . Then four-fifths of people buried underground tank , or go near the superstructure of indoor heating devices tightly covered with insulation material , but also on the outside of the tank insulation , plus L wood or cement plaster . Closed fixed insulation layer placed on the leeward sunny place .
   Use of rivers, ponds and other natural fire water when . Watergate should be played on the frozen ice . Well covered with insulating material . And regular checks , ready to break the ice
Winter before the fire hydrant , fire hydrant to deal with jurisdiction to conduct a census , people do hydrant winter frost insulation work , strengthen the management of the fire hydrant . No special circumstances or without the approval of the fire department hydrant enabled prohibited . Firefighters use , inspection, testing fire hydrants after , should be promptly closed, and the icing mouth wipe clean with a rag or yarn . Gang prevent a small amount of water, making it difficult to open in case of emergency .
   Foam fire extinguisher hanging on the wall , acid fire extinguisher , use a small quilt wrapped up without affecting the distribution of fire-fighting equipment and access to reasonable circumstances . Extinguisher can also be placed indoors.
   With brick or with a wooden box made of warm , the fire extinguisher to put people inside . Filling the void inside with wood flour and cotton. Although carbon dioxide and dry powder fire extinguisher has a certain hardiness . But still pay attention on the outside of the anti- ice .
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