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Fire equipment selection
Time:2014/4/7 16:41:51 Hits:2710
1 Class A fire fighting fires that burn solid should use water -based foam , ammonium phosphate dry powder , Halon fire extinguishers .
2 i.e., Class B liquid fire fighting and fire meltable solid material should be used in dry powder , foam, Halon , carbon dioxide fire extinguisher ( It is worth noting that the chemical can not destroy Class B foam extinguisher soluble polar solvent fires , and as chemical foam the organic solvent according to the touch , the foam is rapidly absorbed, foam quickly disappeared , so that the fire can not play the role alcohols, aldehydes , ketones , ethers , esters and so on are a polar solvent ) .
3 Class C fire fighting fires that burn gas should be used in dry powder, Halon , carbon dioxide fire extinguisher .
4 live fire fighting should use Halon , carbon dioxide , dry powder fire extinguisher .
5 live fire and live fire fighting should be used by phosphate salt dry powder , Halon fire extinguishers .
6 Class D metal fires burning fires that , in our current situation , it has not yet finalized the fire extinguisher products. Currently Class D fire extinguisher off abroad mainly loaded graphite powder fire extinguishers and extinguisher powder for metal fires dedicated . Has not been established in the domestic production of fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing agents can be used dry sand or beads case cast foam fire.
7 F class fire fighting , that cooking things ( animal fat ) cooking appliances within the fire. When fire bogey water , foam and water content of the material , you should use fire way to cut off the oxygen choking out the fire . .
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