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In recent days, Hunyuan County Fire Brigade actual , active and farms and farmer friends homely chatter , the way to rural fire Laoke way to impart knowledge to them .
   The current positive spring season is a critical period of the rural fire prevention and control , in order to further improve fire safety in rural areas , the fire department for the rural masses hunyuan Fire consciousness, lack of knowledge of the actual fire fighting , the Party's mass line of educational practice and the current enforcement efforts closely, go to the countryside to carry out " service plowing , spreading security" activities to provide fire safety distance services to rural masses , enhance fire safety awareness of the peasants .
   In advocacy for farmers busy plowing characteristics , fire prevention officers to compress promotional content extraction focus on fire safety educational materials distributed at the same time , in order to explain the characteristics of the farmers live in rural areas of fire, fire appliances characteristics, initial fire fighting approach , how to properly call 119 fire calls, how to save themselves after the fire and other fire knowledge. Particularly prevalent in rural areas currently burning phenomenon , advocates around deep into the fields , on-site stop being their own broken edge of the burning wood , weeds behavior to the masses of fire regulations , explain burn chopped firewood , fire hazards caused by weeds guiding people to get rid of bad habits burning . Meanwhile, the fire supervision and law enforcement officers in the township primary and secondary distributors , VIP area, staff centralized location , hanging blackboard posted fire safety knowledge , fire tagline basic knowledge of electricity and the use of fire , so that the majority of the villagers at your eyes , heard of the place, Fire can acquire knowledge .

   Up to now, the fire service officers and farms to carry out fire prevention activities in more than 30 times , 13 from the field to stop the burning behavior , promotional materials distributed to the masses more than 30,000 copies, more than 130 questions answered masses