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To effectively build a strong defense in spring fire safety , fire prevention solid job in the spring , effectively prevent and curb serious fire accidents , City Fire Brigade Fire relying on a variety of advocacy positions , off Spring Fire hype .
Masses, and build a strong foundation publicity . Always adhere to the concept of universal propaganda brigade Fire , efforts to improve fire safety awareness and fire ability and quality of the masses . Take the masses, life, and the publicity of the people , the society and the people directly promote fire safety knowledge , in simple terms how to teach basic knowledge of self-protection and escape in a fire , firefighting answer questions of the people that exist in everyday life , and vigorously promote fire laws and regulations and fire safety knowledge , electricity, gas , etc. ; publicity with examples , so that the residents how to master fire alarm encountered , how to fight , how to escape and other skills , enrich fire safety knowledge , enhance fire safety awareness ensure the elimination of all kinds of fire hazards from the source.
Seize the key , covering major industries. To ensure that the spring fire prevention work can penetrate into each key sites , Fire Brigade to promote " Wu Jin" as the focus, deep into communities and rural areas , schools, businesses , families, taking display of publicity atlas , organizational fire drills, fire equipment to explain carried out using simulated rescue exercises, etc. tips posting propaganda efforts to build a fire safety everyone tells everyone good fire safety , fire prevention everyone knows , everyone will escape self environment for fire safety .
For the community, extending propaganda tentacles. Make full use of a variety of outdoor LED display publicity carrier , community bulletin boards, banners, posters, advertising boards to expand its influence will extend to every corner of the fire prevention , fire safety always draw attention , and strive to know Fire , Fire Science , Fire understand . .